Has your lender given you a "Notice of Trustee Sale?"
Is your home being Foreclosed upon?
Is the bank refusing to do a Loan Modification?
Maybe you've decided to do a Short Sale, but the sale is tomorrow!?!
Here at the Law Offices of Paul Horn, we can STOP the Trustee Sale, STOP the Foreclosure and effectively STOP the selling of your home. We can give your family more time in the home and end harassment from debt collectors. We can even give you enough time to do a short sale OR we can help you restructure your debt into an affordable payment plan to help you KEEP your home. We can even help you get rid of your 2nd Mortgage.
Because everyone has a different financial situation, every case needs to be catered to differently. So give us a call at: 800-380-7076 or email us at for a consultation so we can see if our services are right for you.