15 Billions to fund new program to help homeowners

After months of criticism that it hasn't done enough to prevent foreclosures, the Obama administration announced on Friday March 19 a plan to reduce the amount some troubled borrowers owe on their home loans.

The administration cautioned that the plan isn't intended to stop all foreclosures or assist all troubled homeowners.

"There's no intention here of tackling what may be 10 to 12 million foreclosures over the course of the next three years," said Diana Farrell, a White House economic adviser

The plan announced Friday will also require the mortgage companies participating in the administration's existing foreclosure prevention program to consider slashing the amount borrowers owe. They will get incentive payments if they do so.

It also includes three to six months of temporary aid for borrowers who have lost their jobs. And there will be additional payments designed to give banks an incentive to reduce payments or eliminate second mortgages such as home equity loans — a problem that has blocked many loan modifications



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